Risk Level of a Millionaire

Risk Level as the word says it tells about the amount of risk or the extent of risk that an individual would take in order to achieve something. It could be very small thing to something big that could change his entire life.

Being an investor and trader, the first question people ask me is about my Risk Level. I’m a person with high risk profile.

How do you get this kind of profile at this age?

I did a lot of research on the Risk profile of other people and I was able to conclude on few of these things.

1. Geographical Risk Profile
2. Family Risk Profile
3. Colleagues/Friends Risk Profile

Take India for example and I have found that people in the North at least the majority talk about doing a Business rather than a job while in South people prefer a Job over business.

People support business because it gives Freedom and more money while people who support Job prefer because of safety and security and feel that the Risk is less.

The Risk that is involved and the need of huge capital in doing a business has become a huge barrier in starting a business. These have forced majority of the people to not even think about this option.

But if you ask the people who are doing business they say it gives them complete freedom in their life and can do their job in the way they like. And of course they make a fortune as well.

People in jobs feel secured as they get a consistent income every month and need not worry about the risk. If they find some issue in one job they can move to other job. The main problem is only a hand full of people manage their work and life perfectly. Majority of them focus on work and burn 10 to 12 hours every day and forget that there is life after work.

This is the thinking of the people based on the Geography level which will have great influence on one’s Risk Level.

The second level of influence comes from the family he was brought by. Take my family for example. Both my dad and mom were from village and they moved to Chennai as my dad got an offer from Central Government. He worked for more than 30 years and you know the risk level of most of the Govt Officers. Yes, a very low risk level.

He doesn’t like uncertainty or something which does not give a very clear picture of success. Uncertainty is Risk which is something he doesn’t want to go for.
So a person brought in such a family will be obviously of low risk level.

The third influence will be Colleague/Friends. I include this category of people because once an individual starts his college life, his majority of time is going to be with Friend/Colleagues. So the Risk level of his friends will have a major influence on his Risk Level.


Myself being from a Low Rik level family did my schooling with other kids from the same government organization. So most of them have very low risk level as me.
These are the 3 influencers for an individual which I thought would determine one’s risk level

What did I do to increase my risk level?

Like every other student, I had big dreams too. But no idea how to achieve them. So I started watching the interviews of successful people and read about them and how they overcome their toughest times and in spite of all the challenges how they achieved success.

I started reading about a lot of people every single day and I understood that they do certain thing which make them unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

1. They take additional risk in their lives and put extra effort and believe in themselves to achieve their goals.
2. They are never stopped by failures but it in fact pushes them to move forward
3. They spend a lot of time working and focussing only on their final goal. Whatever they do will contribute to their final goals.

When I understood this, I looked back to see that none of the things which I was doing contribute anything to my goals

I was not doing any of the above 3 important things which I was supposed to do to achieve success in Life.

From that day I made a plan for every single day and do stuff which contribute to my goals. Even though I was afraid of taking risks, I pushed myself to go forward and take risks. I failed multiple times but I didn’t stop, I accepted that failures are part of life and that failures alone can give you greater learnings.

I’m now in a stage where I can call myself as high Risk profile who takes risks at ease without any fear.

So even though I had the 3 influencers which forced me to have a low Risk profile, I overcame that. So if I can do it, you too can do it.

Opportunity knocks only once is an old saying. In the current generation, Opportunities knocks every day and all we need to do is to take the effort to open it. That’s it.

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