Is Knowledge Power? Or Is Knowledge when put in Action is Power?

We all believe that Knowledge is power and it can take you to great heights. From the school days till the end of one’s life, a person keeps building knowledge every single day. Till the age of 25, we may not have enough clarity on the future and one learns everything that comes in their way hoping that it will be helpful in some way in their future. But 99% of us are not clear about the future and keep learning anything and everything through out our life.

Have you ever asked yourselves
Why is that we keep holding ourselves for job security when we have very good knowledge?
Why is that so many of us are not happy with the life we live or the job we do.
Why is that we are afraid of doing any thing new?
What is the purpose of all the knowledge gained in ones life all these years, when one is not willing to put them in to Action?

There is a friend of mine who is very much interested in Stock Market Investment and has huge knowledge on the subject and he keeps learning every single day on them for the past 6 to 7 years.
He keeps analysing every single day and makes stock predictions. He even advices stock picks to his friends.
But on the other hand, he has never applied his knowledge in Real time Stock market for himself. When asked why are you not putting your knowledge in to action,
the reason he said is
“I don’t have time”
“I’m completely occupied with the job”
“Fear. Fear of Failing. Fear of losing money. “

When I heard all these problems, I remembered myself a few years back when I had the same issues myself. I know that with little guidance and support this person can do wonders. So I offered him to join my program “Millionnaire Trading Formula” which not only helps a person to gain knowledge on Stock Market Investing and Trading but also gives real time experience which boosts one’s self confidence, discipline and eliminates fear.

With in just 3 months, he has successfully gained the art of Investing and Trading in Stock Market Realtime. He has now gained the confidence and started investing and trading. He even went further and started providing suggestions to manage his family and friends money as well.
He is now consistently earning income every month and he is now able to put his knowledge into action. He is now putting everything he learns into action with out any fear.

So Knowledge when put in to Action gives you power.

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