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I’ve helped people from various walks of life with his expertise in Investing and Trading in Stock Market and Microsoft Excel. A model I’ve developed after 8 yrs of working, testing and putting into action. I’ve fine tuned the stock market investment to such an extent that it’s a piece of cake for a novice to hop on to the process line and move forward. This is what I’m going to coach people. You are welcome to come and learn from this state of the art method of investing and trading in stock market.

I’m, an average student at school and University with no direction in life and just a follower in life, to being an astute investor with specific outcomes in his investment portfolio. Today I mentor for investment in stock market and has a tribe of following.



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Risk Level of Millionarie

Risk Level of a Millionaire Risk Level as the word says it tells about the…

Is Knowledge Power?

Is Knowledge Power? Or Is Knowledge when put in Action is Power? We all believe…

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